Remove Private Information from the Internet

A person or business published my bank account number, social security number, or other personal private information in the lawsuit or online on the Internet. Can I do anything?

Lawsuit filings are generally considered public record.

State and federal rules protect against the publication of private information and filing of it in the public record.

Depending on the circumstances, the party publishing the information should immediately withdraw or redact the offending papers and may be liable for any damages occurred because of their negligence or intentional disregard for the law.

The sooner action is taken, the more likely harm and damage can be limited or averted. Many states also have data breach and privacy laws that could subject a company to substantial penalties for unauthorized dissemination of private information.

If the information was published or distributed through a third party website or service provider, a properly channeled and prompt demand letter can potentially result in the immediate redaction or expeditious take down of the offending materials.

Mr. Koziol has successfully obtained removal of clients protected information from GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING, WEB HOSTING PROVIDERS, court files and other locations on and offline.

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